Want a Cheaper car?
Looking for a model that simply can't be found?

NORDAD will find the car of your dreams through our Parallel Importing Service. Parallel importing is now a very popular way to buy a near-new or new car for those in the know.

Whether your dream car is a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Saab or any other make and model, NORDAD has forged long term relationships with trusted dealers world-wide who work with us to obtain the exact car you want to suit your needs.

Parallel Importing involves bringing in a new or near new vehicle from overseas. Translating into much lower prices than distributors and usually cars with more options.

This allows you to buy your dream car from the parent factory at a better price. NORDAD coordinates with related parties and sorts the paperwork out.

Benefits of
in Singapore

Save Money

The price you pay is traditionally much lower than what a Singapore based authorized dealer can charge. Because NORDAD does not stock and sell cars we are not subject to regulations on selling prices and the inherent overhead costs. With the help of our Sourcing Specialists, you are purchasing your new or near new vehicle directly from the cheapest sources in the world.

Wider variety of vehicles

Distributors traditionally carry limited stock with limited options. Under current legislation you can bring in cars under 3 years old which means you have a a much wider vatriety of options on cars and cars to choose from.

Some of the cars we can get

Simply tell us what you want

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