Want to buy a car?

Tired of trying to find the best car at the right price? We have the solution.

NORDAD is a car sourcing specialist - NOT a car dealer. We don't represent a car manufacturer or attempt to sell you our stock.

NORDAD represents YOU from start to finish.

  • Access the inventory of local dealers and individuals
  • Scout the right car at the right price
  • Negotiate the best possible price on your purchase, NORDAD works for you.
  • We are your personal representative.
  • Simply tell us what you want, give us the price parameters. we'll do the rest.

How it works

  • Step 1

    We work with you to determine your needs, preferences and budget parameters.

  • Step 2

    We bring the best of thest cars for you to rest drive.

  • Step 3

    We source, inspect and test drive the cars before showing you anything.

  • Step 4

    We handle your financing, transfer and/or trade-in of your used vehicle plus all the associaged paperwork.

  • "Buying a car is never an easy experience, especially for expats."

    Working with Nordad made this easy. From the moment that I spoke to Nordad I felt at ease. They listened to what I wanted and then made the recommendations that most fit my needs and price point.

    - Sarah Campbell
  • "If anyone is looking to sell or buy their car, Nordad is THE place to go to."

    With such prompt service, reliable advice and a wide range of choice, my experience was seamless and amazing. Thumbs up!

    - Jun

Nordad's Fees and Responsibilities

  • Source the best valued car in the Singapore market

  • Background checks on shortlisted cars (mileage checks, conditions etc.)

  • Physical showing of the shortlisted cars

  • Handle all necessary paperwork

We only charge a minimum of 1% or $800 (or whichever is higher) IF we find you a car.

Benefits of using Nordad

  • Use our connections in the market

  • Use our expertise on sourcing the best condition and quality of vehicle

  • You have more free time on your hands – you don't have to spend precious time kicking tyres

  • As we are independent, we look for the car that is best for you

  • You get all paperwork settled – no need queuing and running around

  • You are not charged for anything unless we source your car. This makes us risk free

Simply tell us what you want

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